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College Credit

College Credit

Students who graduate from Ohio career tech high school programs can receive credit for college courses that duplicate the experience the student had in high school.  


Articulated Credit

Articulated credit is not recognized on a student’s college transcript until that student enrolls in a college that is authorized to confer the particular credit.  Colleges use various codes to identify ungraded credit. This non-grade transcripted credit is based on secondary teacher certification or college test-out procedures.


Transcripted Credit 

Transcripted Credit is recognized on a student’s college transcript upon successful completion of the college course.  The high school student is enrolled at the college at the time the student is taking the college course. 


CTAG Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)2 
  • Allows students to take equivalent technical courses anywhere within the public educational system
  • Obtain technical credits upon enrollment in higher education without unnecessary duplication
  • Helps more high school and adult career tech students to go to college and enter with college credit
  • Saves students time and money
  • Guarantees transferability of credits from Ohio high school/adult workforce career-technical programs to Ohio public 2-year and 4-year institutions
  • CTAG is the alignment between secondary and post-secondary career tech content
College Credit Plus (CCP)  (Dual Enrollment)
  • Replaces Ohio’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program (PSEO) and dual enrollment programs
  • Student must be enrolled in both college and high school
  • Student earns transcripted college and high school credit upon successful completion of the course
  • Courses can be taken at the high school, college, or online
  • CCP students are subject to the same policies and procedures as the other college students
  • Students who do not complete a course (fail, withdraw or receive any non-completion grade) will be required to reimburse their school district the cost of the course that was not completed and the cost of the book
  • If the instruction is delivered by the high school teacher, this teacher must meet the credentialing requirements of the college.